I'm Still That Mushy Dog Mom

I’ve always been a dog person, honestly.  I don’t understand cats; they always seem like they’re trying to take over the world and destroy everything you love.  Dogs aren’t like that.  They melt hearts just because they have so much love to give.  Naturally, when we had the opportunity to get a Mini Aussie, I told Jonathan we had to do it!

The Mini Aussie

Also known as a Miniature Australian Shepherd, this is a working breed.  They used to herd sheep and cattle back in the day, and certainly have the persistence and stamina to still do so.

Mini Aussies come in a variety of colors.  If you’d like to see them in all their glory, you can check out this page online.  There are genetic issues that can arise from breeding Aussies improperly (just like any dog breed), so I always recommend you get your pets from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Meet Oona

Oona is a female black tri mini Aussie from Breezemore in Maine.  We picked her up on May 11th and she’s been the perfect addition to our family.  She’s so sweet, and incredibly intelligent.  She bonded to us instantly, and we’ve had minimal trouble potty training her.

And there ya have it, folks.  I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of Oona in the future as we start teaching her adorable tricks.  Now to go update the About page (which I haven’t done in several months, either).

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