You’ve just finished your life’s work, but you’ve heard that writers should never edit their own work.  What now?  Paying for a book editing service is mighty expensive; is it even worth it?

Maybe you’ve asked a Facebook group what their thoughts are, and you’ve been spammed with everyone promoting their own book editing work to you.  While that might benefit them, it doesn’t necessarily help you.  What you really need is someone to sit down with you and offer some helpful advice, right?

Get a Free Book Editing Sample

You should absolutely, 100% be able to have at least one page of your book edited for free.  It’s a huge commitment to spend a thousand or more dollars with someone you’ve never worked with before.  You’ll want to read reviews and see some of the editor’s work first.  Never shell out cash to an editor if it isn’t through a platform like Upwork or Fiverr that has your back with every purchase.

Realize That Editing Takes Time

Any editor that promises more than 10 pages (2500 words) per day is rushing through your work.  Most book editing professionals will work through your manuscript more than once – a preliminary, in depth edit and a quick, final edit.  Your book won’t be ready to publish in a week!

Be Prepared to See Change

The job of an editor isn’t to completely alter your work and make it sound like his/her voice.  Any editor that does this isn’t worth paying money to.  A good editor will maintain all those little things that make your text yours.  This is another reason to get a free sample before committing to any particular editor.

Shop Around, but Don't Settle

It’s a huge expense to have a text professionally edited.  However, it’s an imperative step in becoming a published author.  Readers will be more likely to put your book down and rate it poorly if there are grammar and spelling mistakes.  Wordy sentences and improper word usage will make your book difficult to read and understand.

You definitely don’t want to pay less for something only to have it be sub-par.  Shell out the extra money so that you have faith in your editor!

Let's Work Together

Back in November I was struggling with how to leverage my strengths and funnel them into a side-hustle.  Eventually I figured it out, and I have been building a business on Fiverr over the past several months.   So far I’ve written ghost pieces and designed some logos; by far, though, my favorite work is editing.  Feel free to check out my five-star Fiverr profile.

I have a gig set up for $5 sample editing for books and novels just so my work can be advertised where I need it.  If you’d like to work together on a free sample, email me at [email protected]  If you’re happy with the sample, we can talk about a quote for your project!  I’d love to help you get your book ready for publishing.

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