Happy Thursday to you all – we made it past Hump Day!  I thought yesterday was never going to end.  I’ve had a head cold the last 3 or so days, and it’s just taken a massive toll on me physically.  I’ve been out of store-bought kombucha for the past 3 days or so, too.  I love the stuff so much; it makes me feel warm and happy, much like a cup of earl gray tea.


I posted on Tuesday about my kombucha home-brewing adventure, and today, things started to get exciting – I got to bottle my first half-gallon!

Today I checked in on my kombucha, and it was surprisingly ready to be bottled.  I wasn’t expecting it to be ready so soon, but when I tasted it, it was definitely on it’s way to vinegar land.  Here are a few pictures of it from the past two days and today.

Day 6 of Fermentation. The scoby is starting to look visibly thicker, which tells me we're going to be ready to bottle soon.
Day 7 of fermentation. There are little bubbles trapped underneath the scoby. That means the collagen layer on top is pretty effective in keeping the carbon dioxide inside the liquid. Looking good!
Day 8 of fermentation, looks good to me! I tasted it, and it was perfect for my tastes. Today I took out the finished tea and bottled it. I'm doing a full gallon next week.
My bottled kombucha fermenting for the next 2-3 days before I pop them in the fridge.

I just bottled up some blueberry, mango, black cherry booch and stowed it away in the cupboard.  It will ferment for another 2-3 days to get bubbly and reduce some of the sugar content from the fruit.

Hopefully I can try it in a couple of days and let you all know how it came out!


Until next time,


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