12 months after the fiasco that was giving birth to my daughter, I finally got fed up making excuses for myself.  I was 30 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant, and I felt tired and sluggish every single day.  Motivation was an elusive mystery, and I just couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.  I needed to turn things around and get in shape.

Sure, moms are supposed to love their bodies because they created a little life and all (I was fine with this, and still recommend new moms take time to focus on the changes they’re experiencing).  But the thing that doesn’t do for you is: motivate you to be the best version of yourself for your kids.  Taking action to get in shape sends the message that you care for yourself and the impact you have on your family.

get in shape


I made so many excuses it’s hard to remember them all.  You’re definitely familiar with these:

  1. Gee, I don’t have time to work out…
  2. I don’t think I can stick with it…
  3. Well… I’m going to have another kid, so why bother putting in the work to get in shape now?
  4. Oh, but it’s going to be uncomfortable…

One day I started to hear myself and I was astounded how silly I sounded.  I was 30+ pounds of extra weight sitting on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 4th time (I love that show so much).  Heck, my daughter was taking hour-long naps, and here I was, snacking and binge-watching TV for hours.

It was then that I knew something had to change; I knew I could be better.

So I decided to get in shape... how?

Well… what does that look like?  Where do I start?

  1. Change how you eat.  Research what’s best for you; I went Vegan!
  2. Start exercising.  Start SOMEWHERE.  If you struggle at first, slowly work up to your ideal workout.
  3. Commit to 7 days of moderate workouts.  Any less than that and you haven’t really given it a try… you haven’t given your body time to embrace the new activity and attempt at wellness.
  4. Consider intermittent fasting.  Work WITH your body’s natural mechanisms to burn fat and optimize protein allocation.  Do your own research on this and come to your own conclusions.
  5. Drink more water, and consider drinking Kombucha (weird, right?).
  6. STAY ACCOUNTABLE in everything you do!
I cannot stress the last point enough.  If you’re like me and you’re likely to fail within the first week (while your body is still getting used to changes like this), you need a support system.  
Whether you choose to talk to family and friends about your journey, or you have a Facebook pal who works out; find someone that you can share your life with.  Ask them to be the nagging voice in your head when you keep ignoring yours!
get in shape work out

But I hate the gym, Rachel

We all hate the gym.  It’s smelly and no one ever wipes the machines down.  Not to mention… you have to stare at people watching your body jiggle.  That’s just not fun for anyone (except maybe the people that go there to show off their lack of jiggle; props to you guys).

You don’t have to go to the gym to get healthy and get in shape!  Yep, I said it.  Just work out at home!  The worst that will happen is your kids will laugh at you.  I’m sure you can find ways to laugh with them while you are working out and setting a good example for them to follow!

get in shape now

Can I get an official accountability partner?

Another great option you have is to join me!  I’m already working on myself, and I have some fantastic experience under my belt.  I’d love to have you, and help push you to be that version of yourself you need to be.

Feel free to reach out to me any time on Instagram; I’d be more than happy to talk to you about your goals and the lifestyle changes you want to make.  You can also drop me a message in the comments below, as I read them as soon as they are posted!

Here's the thing...

The only thing standing in your way… is you.

Start somewhere, start anywhere, just start.

Let that mindset shift, and you’ll find opportunities that you never saw before.  Commit to building a healthier future for yourself, and you won’t regret it.  The worst that can happen is your kids laugh at you… in your own house!



Until next time,


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You’re doing a great job!!


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