So... you wanna brew kombucha?

When Jonathan and I were doing grocery shopping a couple of weekends ago, I picked up a bottle of GT’s Synergy Gingerberry kombucha.  I did it for giggles; my brother had tried his hand at making “Booch” a few months back, and I tried some back then.  

It’s so good.  I instantly fell in love with the sweet/tart balance paired perfectly with bubbly goodness.  That’s not even the best part about this stuff!

kombucha pin

I guess it's healthy!

Since going Vegan, I’ve been trying to find ways to get my B vitamins naturally.  Generally, people on the SAD (standard american diet) get B vitamins through meat and dairy; since I’m not eating those… I either have to supplement or be really careful to eat plenty of foods that have it.  Trying to get B12 through veggies is pretty tough as it turns out.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that kombucha has about 20% your daily value of b-vitamins per serving.  On top of that, it has tons of probiotics (both yeast and bacteria) that are great for your gut and help with digestion among other things.

Okay. But yikes, the price though!

After about 2 hours of research, I was sold.  I decided I was going to make it myself (our lifestyle just doesn’t support a $28 / week splurge on fermented tea).  I knew, from talking to my brother, that you can start without a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria + yeast), although it’s a little bit harder than getting SCOBY and tea from someone else.  The problem with that method is, though, that I live pretty far from a place that would sell plain Booch.

Luckily, my sister-in-law was already brewing some, and has been for over a year!!!

kombucha yes

This past Thursday, she was kind enough to give me some of her SCOBY and some starter tea!  BIG shout-out to you, <3

Kombucha: It's. So. Easy.

You boil water… throw in tea bags… add sugar… let all that come to room temp.
Add it to your SCOBY and starter tea… wait 7-10 days… bottle… REPEAT

Most of the love that goes into kombucha is passive time.

Here’s a link to the pin I used to get my ratios.  I’ll also link my kombucha Pinterest board here.


So how's it going?

Kelly Kombucha is great, thanks for asking!  Hahahaha.  I’ll toss in some pictures from the past few days so you can kind of see how it started out as a small SCOBY and has started to get as big as the 2 gallon jug I’m using.

kombucha scoby
Just the mama SCOBY and starter tea.
My brewed sugary tea "food" for the kombucha cultures.
Day 3 of Kelly being in her new home. This is the first day I saw anything. You can tell the surface is slimy and starting to grow a new layer of SCOBY on top of the fermenting kombucha. Proud mom moment.
kombucha day 4 progression
This is day 4 in her new home. You can see that the surface is starting to get more opaque and there's definitely fermentation going on. There are lots of bubbles, which points to a healthy yeast colony! Hopefully that means I'll have some bubbly kombucha soon!
kombucha day 5 progression
Day five brought a massive change. I started to notice a vinegary smell, and the baby SCOBY is definitely distinguishable from the outer edge of the jar. There's no mold or other fuzzies, so I'd say Kelly is happy and healthy!

I’m so excited to be making this!  I’ve gotten fairly good at fermenting flour (sourdough starter!) and figured this wouldn’t be insanely different.  In fact, it seems like it’s way less finicky than sourdough.  Kombucha ferments for a week, where sourdough goes 24 hours tops before you feed it again – that’s why many people keep their starter in the fridge.

I’ll update you all on Friday, most likely; that’ll be 8 days of fermenting.  My sister-in-law said to let it go about 2 weeks before digging in and checking it, just because it’s a new home.  I can’t wait to see what it looks (and smells) like then!

Do you brew your own booch?  Do you want to?  Let’s chat!



Until next time,


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