It’s Wellness Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, you guys!  My hubbles went back to work today, feeling much better (I thank the Naked Vitamin C Power Boost fruit smoothie I bought for him).  Kenna seems to be feeling fine, although I think she might have had a bit of a fever last night.  It’s hard to tell with her because she night sweats like crazy… just her daddy.  I’m feeling fine; tip-top shape, actually!

This week summed up in a GIF:



I was trucking along for a 48 hour fast last Tuesday into Thursday, then fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks.  It came out of nowhere, and was relentless in its pursuit to consume my life.  I’m not kidding.  I had to break my fast at hour 43, thinking that it would help; in fact, it made me feel worse.

I wanted to sleep all day, and I was so irritable!  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling up for biking or doing much of anything productive for 3 days.  I felt like a lump of dirt from Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening when I went to bed.  To top all of that off, Kenna started cutting canines, and I got little to no sleep.  Hurrah for being a mom!



Gosh!  Those excuses make it sound like I would have gained weight, but, fortunately, that’s not the case.  I weighed in at 140.2 lbs this morning, which is 2.6 pounds lighter than last week, and 2 pounds under what I weighed two weeks ago.  The extended fast definitely did me some good – during the driest point in my fast I weighed 138.4.  I broke 140 like I wanted to, and I call that a success!  That’s part of the reason I didn’t feel guilty for not making it all 48 hours.


wellness wednesday weight

Intermittent Fasting

Like I said, I did a 43 hour fast to help break my plateau, and it definitely worked.  I probably would have made more progress had I not been dead tired the end of last week.  I’ve started ramping back up and doing 60-90 minutes of working out this week, and getting back to my normal 16:8 fasting:eating schedule.


Feeling like crap definitely put a damper on my recipe creativity, you guys.  I just didn’t have the energy to make anything other than another pot of soup.  Seriously this is the best soup I’ve ever had.  It’s easy and quick (I made it in less than 30 minutes), and it’s so delicious.  You’ll love it as an Autumn kick-off; serve it to your friends and they’ll be amazed it’s vegan.

As I start to accumulate more recipes, I’m planning to put together my own “cook book” that I can send to my subscribers.  For now, you can find them under the Vegan tab in the navigation bar up top.

What would you like to see in a recipe book?  What do you want me to experiment with?

Next Week’s Goals

  • Get under 140 lbs
  • Stick to 16:8
  • Work on upper body strength

How about you?

What are your wins/successes this week?

If this week didn’t go how you wanted it to, how can you reach your goals next week?

What are your goals for next week?

Let’s motivate each other and cheer each other on!  Chat with me in the comments below – I always answer!  <3


Until next time,


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I love this. You’re so upbeat about the experience! I think my goals are just to try to get back into walking each morning. It can be so hard to feel motivated to take care of yourself when you know there is work to do at home!