Wellness Wednesday

Hey guys!  Happy Wednesday!  It’s time for our weekly wellness check-in, where we can all collaborate and cheer each other on.

Comment with your wellness successes below, or just drop a progress check-in so we can all stay accountable!  What are your goals for this next week?  What do you plan on doing to accomplish them?


This week summed up in a GIF:

wellness past week gif

I worked pretty hard to lose some more weight this week, but my body had other plans.  Despite working out 60+ minutes each day, I ended the week at 142.8 pounds – up 0.6 pounds from last week.  While that might be reflecting my increased emphasis on my upper body, it’s hard to tell.

Warning: Cycle Speak

I’ve been bloated the last few days due to ovulation, so my hormones are probably causing me to retain water… further complicating the weight measurement.  I’ll hopefully get an accurate weight here in a couple days as my hormones start to level back out.

Intermittent Fasting


I haven’t found this fasting schedule to be difficult at all.  I’d like to up the ante this week and do a 48 hour fast to see where it puts me.  I’ve been stuck just above 140 for a couple of weeks now and I’d like to get below it this week.  Dinner was all finished last night by 6:00, so I’ll try to fast until tomorrow night at 6-ish.

OF NOTE: I’m still well aware this can affect hormones, but luckily we’re not actively trying for #2 yet after the miscarriage.  I’ll listen to my body and stop to eat if I need to.

I’ll check back in Friday morning to update you all on how it went if you’re interested, otherwise I’ll just drop the results in next Wednesday’s post.

Eating the Plants!  (WFPB)

I’m super excited to share a brand new recipe on Friday!  This week I made Sweet Potato Corn Chowder and it was heavenly.

Think FALL.

Think sweet with a little bit of kick.

Here’s the Instagram picture I posted recently.  Get excited.

So… we have that to look forward to, y’all!  Get yourself some sweet potatoes and cook along with me on Friday!  Make sure to subscribe along the right-hand side so you don’t miss that post when it comes out.

Next Week’s Goals

  • 48 hour fast
  • Reach 140 lbs

Exercise Plans

As it’s started getting cooler here in Maine, I’ve found it hard to find the motivation to go on walks with Kenna and Cooper.  I’m trying to make up for it by doing extra biking during one of Kenna’s naps – mainly on days that I don’t write posts.  I try to bike for about 20-30 minutes extra every other day during the week.

Check out this post for my at-home “gym” setup.

  • 20-30 minutes of biking 2-3 times during the week while Kenna naps
  • 60 minutes of biking 6 nights a week
  • 20 minutes of floor exercises 6 nights a week
    • leg raises
    • crunches
    • planks
    • general postpartum ab workouts
    • upper body weight lifting with 2 12 lb “weights”

What about you?

Don’t forget to drop your health and wellness goals/successes for this week and last week!  I’d love to help motivate you and cheer you on as you try to reach a healthier you.  Just remember: any change is great for your health, even small ones like going for a walk every day!  You don’t have to lose 20 pounds in a week to say you accomplished something.  Go get it this week!


Until next time,


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