Happy Wellness Wednesday to you all!  I’m feeling extra motivated today, and I’ve already biked for 30 minutes!  I was pretty sluggish this morning and needed a quick pick-me up, so I got my muscles moving.

In the name of transparency, I have linked one item to my Amazon Affiliate profile.  This allows you to take a look at an item I use 6 days a week and have been thoroughly impressed by.  If you want to buy something like this anyway, feel free to purchase through the link I’ve provided.  It will help support my blog, and it doesn’t cost you any extra!  Muah!

Wednesday means that it’s time to check in with you all on how my fitness and wellness journey is going.  Feel free to drop your progress from this past week in the comments!  Let’s root each other on!


I got a little bit more adventurous with my food this week; namely, I made Asian-inspired noodle dishes!  My other meals were pretty drab – pasta with red sauce and veggies.  The go-to brunch this week has been an apple and a whole wheat English muffin, and I never forget my protein shake!

wellness wednesday tofu ramen
Spicy Shin Ramyun with sauteed mushrooms and pan-seared tofu. Recipe coming to this page on Friday.

As you can see, I experimented with Tofu this week.  Boy, is it versatile!  It seems like you can make it taste like almost anything.  I bought “firm” tofu, and it was a little on the soft side for me; I’ll try “extra firm” next time and give my thoughts on it.  I wasn’t expecting to like it this much!

wellness wednesday
Spicy Vermicelli rice noodles with stir-fried veggies and pan-seared tofu. Recipe coming Friday.


I weighed in at 142.2 lbs this morning, which is where I’ve been hovering the past couple of days.  I recently started working out my upper body for the first time, so I think that’s playing into my plateau at this point.  I’m expecting to start seeing some new muscle definition in my arms based on the way the scale hasn’t been changing.  I’m pushing really hard to reach 140 right now!

wellness wednesday



My exercise goals have evolved with my increasing strength and endurance.  I clocked 60 minutes on the bike last night without really batting an eye, so I know it’s time to up the resistance tonight.  Additionally, I biked for  30 minutes this morning, knowing that I had extra energy last night.  Hopefully this will be enough to push me over the edge of my plateau.

Floor Exercises

I’m still doing crunches and planks and leg raises to work out my core and inner thighs.  Do you have any more recommendations for easy exercises that work out these areas?

I’ve actually been really impressed by the increase in my core strength.  I can almost lift my whole upper body off of the ground without arm support now!


Fellow frugal moms out there will love this, I can see you laughing at me now! Do you like my free 12 pound weights?  Tell you what: they work like a charm!  I’m sore from last night lifting these suckers (I’m pretty weak up top still).  Feel free to pin this if you’re inspired to set up your own cheap weight loss gym; I honestly feel like this is all you need.  You could definitely rig the weights up in series by tying them together with something.

wellness wednesday
I’ve included an affiliate link to a resistance trainer like the one I have. It looks identical to mine, except I think someone slapped a Schwinn logo on mine to charge me more, hahaha.

I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me next.  I’ve never felt better.  My heart is healthier, my gut is no longer bloated and sluggish, and I feel more awake and aware than I did before I committed to a healthy, active lifestyle.  How do you stay healthy?  Let’s chat!

Until next time,


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