Good morning, and happy Wellness Wednesday!  It seems that the weeks are flying by faster than ever before!  I’ve picked up the pace with my exercise, and I’m excited to start seeing more progress soon!


I only really put together one interesting meal last week.  I’ve been overly lazy when it comes to meal time lately, and I just can’t get over that hump!  If you saw my first Vegan Recipe post, you’ll know I made Vegan Couscous Stir Fry.  It was so delicious even my one-year old loved it!

My meals this week have mainly consisted of raw fruit, nuts and seeds, protein shakes, and odds and ends food from meals I prepare for Jonathan (like rice pilaf, white rice, potatoes).

I always cook a vegetable for dinner; my favorite this past week was oven roasted Brussels sprouts with a garlic, onion and honey (skip this if you want) glaze.  YUM!


I’ve got no complaints here; it’s been really easy for me to stick to a 16 hour fasting window.  I have had to shift my eating window from 12pm-8pm to 11am-7pm though because I was just insatiably hungry at 12 and had a hard time not over-eating.   Usually we’re done with dinner around 6pm anyway so this isn’t a problem.

I’ve found it increasingly difficult, however, to try a 22-23 hour fast with all of the activity I’ve been doing… and trying to deal with a still teething baby.  I’d like to try to do at least one a month, or if I start to plateau in my weight loss naturally.  I’ll have to give this more thought and find the motivation necessary if I choose to do this.


At my morning weigh-in today I was 143.4 lbs; so I’m down a pound since last week.  My weight has been fluctuating around 143 this week, so I think I’m starting to move out of my rut that I was in.

Warning – TMI:  Aunt Flo came to visit this week, so I think that had a lot to do with my appetite changes and bloating issues the past 9 days or so.  We’ll get right back on track here soon, I’m sure of it.

I did log a record low so far on Sunday: 142.  I was really excited about that, then I started to work my way back up as the week went on.  I’m trying not to let the numbers change my outlook on my progress too much because I know that the scale is only the tip of the iceberg.  There’s much more going on that we can’t see with a number.

For example, I have developed far more muscle definition in my legs than I ever thought possible.  I know that muscle is more dense than fat, so it can cause the fluctuations in your weight to not accurately represent fat loss.  Unfortunately I don’t have a way to measure body fat right now, so weight is all I have to go on.

Another Note – Heart Health


I was stunned to see that my FitBit Tracker was telling me how much my resting heart rate has changed.  I started out around 72-73 BPM resting heart rate before I started eating healthy and exercising, mind you.  Check out this amazing progress!

I think, above all, that is the biggest indication that I am doing something right.  My heart is quite literally growing stronger, and thanking me for leading a more healthy, active lifestyle!

Hopefully I can be of some motivation to some of you to pursue a healthy fitness journey, and contemplate how well you want to treat your heart.  You only get one chance at this life; might as well make it as enjoyable and healthy as possible so you can stay active well into old age.

How’s your health and wellness journey going?  Where has your motivation taken you?  What inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

Drop me some tips and tricks in the comments below, I’d love to chat and get to know you!

Until next time,

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