Another Wellness Wednesday has come back around.  It’s insanely chilly here today, a balmy maximum of 64 degrees!  Needless to say, I have been avoiding going for a walk, but at this point I don’t think it’s going to get any warmer.  I’ll have to take Kenna and Cooper out when nap time is over.

Another Wednesday means another weekly check-in.  I’m feeling pretty down today; after making so much progress in one month, it’s been really hard to see those numbers hovering around 144 the past few days.

I’ve been (unfortunately) kind of relaxed on my biking schedule because I’ve been busy throughout the day moving things from one room to another.  My husband and I just got done swapping our first floor bedroom with the free one upstairs.  Our previous bedroom is now our gaming and PC room.  I’ve gone up and down the stairs so much my legs hurt!


Not much has changed here; honestly it’s been more difficult to cook two meals a day (one for myself for lunch/dinner, and one for my husband for dinner/lunch the next day).  I’ll usually throw something together for lunch, like a Beyond Burger on a whole wheat bun with tomato and kale, and eat an apple with peanut butter and a protein shake for dinner.  The downside to all of this is that I’m not filling myself with heavy grains and starches, so I’m a lot more hungry more often.  This has led me down the rabbit-hole of snacking – something I’ve always had trouble with.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any share-able photos.


What Wasn’t Working

I haven’t had a hard time adjusting to intermittent fasting, but I realized very quickly that my body was not in a place to be doing consistent 22 hour fasts.   I was extremely tired and groggy; while that isn’t necessarily abnormal, I can’t be feeling like that with a toddler to watch 12 hours a day.

What I’m Doing Instead

Rather than doing four 16:8 days and three 22:2 days, I’m now following a 16:8 schedule 7 days a week.  If I have a day where I feel particularly energetic (or I binge-ate or ate something my body didn’t like – last weekend I had lobster with the family), I’ll do a 22 hour fast the next day.





Today’s weigh-in put me at 144.4 lbs.  I’ve managed to gain weight since last week, and I imagine it’s because of the insane amount of peanut butter I’ve been eating, in addition to less walking.  I rediscovered my love for granny smith apples and peanut butter (which is full of fat, oops).

I’ll just have to keep pushing myself to exercise and stay on top of eating more grains and vegetables, rather than fruit and peanut butter!  I crack myself up sometimes.  I’m a classic INFP and it’s so hard for me to stick to something.

What do you do to combat motivation issues?  I could use all the help I can get!  Drop me a line in the comments, peeps.


Until next time,

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