It’s hump day!  It’ll be the weekend before we know it, you guys.  Thank the Lord.  While I enjoy being a SAHM more than words can express, I really look forward to the rest and relaxation that the weekend (sometimes) brings.  Wednesday also means that it’s time for a Wellness Check-in!



I haven’t shared what I do for breakfast yet!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I usually have a protein shake (which I’ll give an affiliate link for below) and an apple with peanut butter.  Sometimes I’ll swap out the shake for a bowl of chocolate granola in soy milk (YUM).  Seriously this powder is the best we’ve tried so far.  It’s really the smoothest thing we’ve found that doesn’t cost oodles of money.  Try it!


Things have been going great on this front!  I’ve shared some shots of my meals on Instagram as the week went by.  I haven’t used any recipes!  I’ve just been putting stuff together based on intuition and sometimes an inspiration photo.  It’s really nice knowing how to cook and pair things so that the end result is fairly tasty (and looks beautiful).  I wish I could remember exact amounts, then I could write up recipes!  Check some out:

Stuffed peppers and black cherry smoothie
Leftovers from the end of last week, plus a black cherry smoothie (because why not?)
Beyond burger with greens and tomato on a wheat bun
A beyond burger (SO GOOD)
Organic quinoa over a bed of wilted greens topped with sprouts and a side of avocado
Organic quinoa over wilted chard topped with sprouts and a side of avocado (I ate on this for a few days because I made WAY too much quinoa)
Gnocchi with sauteed green beans tomato and mushrooms, over fresh baby greens, topped with almond slivers
Gnocchi with sauteed veggies (green beans, tomato, mushroom) over fresh baby greens, topped with almond slivers


I weighed in this morning just over 146, which means I’m down more than a pound since last week.  Wow!  I’m super happy about that, given all that happened in the past couple of weeks.
I was able to start walking right away after I stopped cramping, and got back on my bike last Friday.  Additionally, I’ve been able to bike for more than 30 minutes, which was the original plan.  Twice now I’ve gone to 50 minutes without realizing it, and felt like I could have kept going!
I’ve also started doing some crunches and other floor exercises to start demolishing my mom belly.  It seems like the weight I’ve lost so far is bloat + thigh fat.  I’m also starting to see some muscle definition in my legs, which I haven’t seen in so long!  So exciting!
Once I start to see clear visible progress, I’ll post a before/after picture.

Weight Loss


Exercise Goals

Morning walk: 20-30 minutes
Evening Biking session: 30-60 minutes

 Floor exercises: ~10 minutes

What does your exercise routine look like?  How do you work it into a busy day taking care of the family?  Drop me a line, let’s chat!
Until next time,

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