It’s Labor Day Monday!  Thankfully, I have my husband home to help with our molar-teething munchkin, and it’s nice to have that extra time to spend snuggling and sleeping in.  This sounds glamorous, but in actuality we all just end up laying in bed from 6-6:30 while Kenna crawls all over us and slaps our bellies.  Kenna is very persistent about a 6:30 bedtime and 6:00 wake-up regardless of what I try to do to change things.  I’m dreading daylight savings this fall.
How do you guys handle daylight savings with a baby that’s an early riser?

Since we’ve been trying for our second baby recently, I’ve naturally started thinking about when Kenna was born (for better or for worse).  We definitely were as prepared as we could have been for a vaginal birth; however, things went very differently than we had anticipated.  I can get into that story another time… it’s tough for me to talk about.
To make a long story short, I had a C-section and I was in labor for a long time prior to that.  Taking this into consideration, I’ve compiled the following list for what I would recommend for a birth that may turn into a (or is a planned) C-section.

What to Bring for Yourself to the Hospital:

I’ve included one affiliate link to an item I think will really be comfortable and help you if you’re nursing in the hospital.  Feel free to check it out if you don’t already have nursing bras.

  • The obvious things: Keys, wallet, phone, maybe some cash
  • Chargers for any devices you will be bringing
  • A change of clothes for the ride home
    • I wore maternity leggings and a loose-fitting t-shirt with a comfortable nursing bra… link here.
      • The maternity part is very important here.  Your incision will hurt like hell.  Plan ahead and get granny panties or maternity underwear (I’m not kidding) so that you don’t have any kind of waistband over that area.  The incision is lovingly placed in the worst spot, so there’s no other way around it.  Embrace the granny panties, you’ll thank me.
    • I wore a hospital gown the whole time I was at the hospital.  I was extremely sore after my surgery and very tired (I didn’t sleep more than 30 minutes for 3 days due to trauma and the immense changes regarding having a new baby).  You’re literally birthing a little life.  Give yourself some slack, be a slob for a few days!  Don’t put more strain on your body than is necessary; if it hurts to get dressed, just ask for another gown after you give yourself a sponge bath.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • This one is imperative.  I felt loads better after I brushed my teeth each time.  It does a lot to boost your confidence for some weird reason.
  • Something to wash your face with, including several washcloths and towels
    • This is another thing that will make you feel like a million bucks.  My opinion?  Don’t wear makeup.  Don’t even go to the hospital in makeup.  Once you start leaking amniotic fluid all over the hospital floor and onto your hospital bed, you’ll very quickly realize…

What your face looks like doesn’t really matter right now.

  • A hairbrush and dry shampoo
    • You can’t shower for a while after your C-section.  Depending on how long you are in labor before the surgery, you may go up to 3 days without a shower.  Bring whatever you can to make yourself feel more comfortable if this happens.
  • Various snacks for after your surgery, and the biggest water bottle you can find
    • Regardless of whether you’re planning on breastfeeding or not, after you give birth, your body is going to start ramping up for nursing.  This means you’re going to be famished, and incredibly thirsty.  Even more so because you just had surgery.
    • I brought protein granola bars, and I ate half the box the first night after my surgery.  Depending on when you have your c-section, you may not be able to order cafeteria food (which sucks by the way).
  • pillow or blanket from home
    • Hospital beds are very uncomfortable.  Anything you can do to make it easier to sleep in the hospital is worth the space in your car.  I had such a hard time sleeping during my stay, they had to give me a sleep-aid.
  • Lanolin and any other nipple balm you’re planning on using if you’re breastfeeding.  Oh, a heat/cold compress too.  It’ll be great for your sore nipples and sore other places too.
    • Don’t plan on breastfeeding being perfect and natural.  It’s really tough; I cried a lot.  Your nipples will thank you for planning ahead.  The hospital will have stuff to help, but it’s better not to have to wait for them to do the paperwork in order to give you a quarter-ounce tube of something.  Save yourself the time and bring your own.
    • If you’re planning on pumping, bring your pump and whatever bottle equipment you need.  I breastfed, so I’m not familiar with what that would look like.
  • wet bag for dirty clothes
    • The clothes you came to the hospital in will be pretty gross.  Have a separate space for them so they don’t get your clean clothes for the ride home dirty.
  • Something to listen to music with, if you enjoy a certain kind of music to relax you
  • Something to distract you, like a journalcards…etc.

Most importantly, bring your heart.  Bring your anticipation.  Bring your open arms and expect them to be filled with joy.  At the end of it all, it’s not going to matter what you looked like or how you smelled.  All you’re going to see is your beautiful baby, and that’s the beauty of the whole process.  Embrace it, it’s going to get messy.

After doing a bit of thinking, this is what I came up with!  I think if I had come with all these things to the hospital I would have had an easier time sleeping, which would have made a difficult 5 days a lot more bearable.
Let me know what you brought to the hospital with you for your birth!  Vaginal or C-section?  What did you end up not needing?  What did you wish you had?  Let’s chat down below in the comments and help some mamas out.

Until next time,

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