Here comes another Monday…
Unfortunately, we aren’t feeling as energized and optimistic as we were a week ago. This weekend was a rollercoaster of emotions; we think we’re going through a miscarriage.  I started bleeding and having cramps Thursday and Friday of last week. My HcG level was only 7 on Friday, and I have another blood draw at 1:00 this afternoon. That’s a very low number: non-pregnant women are usually under 5. You would want to see someone at 5 weeks in the ballpark of 18-7000.
I’ll check in and update this post after I get my blood results if they manage to get them done before they close today.


Called the OB this evening, and HcG is now at zero. Considering how crappy I’ve felt and how much pain I was in over the weekend, I’m not surprised.
I actually felt like a real human being today; fatigue is 100% gone and I’m back to my chipper self.
Just gotta keep on keeping on. There’ll be another opportunity to get pregnant 💕

Sunday I had contraction-esque cramping and I’m 99.9% sure we’ve lost the baby. Part of me wants to hold onto that .01% modicum of hope. It’s been tough; we didn’t go through this with Kenna, and while I know it’s pretty common (10-15%) to have a miscarriage this early… it’s still hard.
I think it makes it a little bit easier to know that we already have one monkey. Whenever I think about this whole thing and get sad, I can just scoop her up for a hug and kiss. My heart definitely goes out to all of you who have experienced this time and time again while trying to have your first.

Plans for Blogging this Week


I’ll still check in with a wellness post on Wednesday as far as diet and weight goes, as well as my plans for working out after I’ve recovered. I’m trying not to do more moving than I have to right now, as I’m very sore and light-headed.


I was planning on writing a post about my daughter’s first birthday cake last Friday. With everything going on, I didn’t have the energy to sit down and write it. I’ll be doing that post this upcoming Friday for those of you who are interested!
Until next time,

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Aww, ((hugs)) I hope you get the results you want. <3