It’s a dreary Wednesday here in Maine; it has rained more than half the day, and the other half has been cloudy and humid.  At least it’s not super hot – I’ll take it.
I’ve decided to start doing weekly wellness posts, so that I can split up my lifestyle and pregnancy/WFPB blogs.  Without futher adieu, here’s our weekly check-in.


Things are going great on this front.  I was full of energy all last week, and I was exercising and life was amazing.  And then I found out I was pregnant and the next day the waves of first trimester Z’s hit me like a ton of bricks.  I definitely don’t contribute my lack of energy the past four days to the diet.
I don’t have any desire to eat cheese or meat like I thought I would.  It has, however, been harder than I thought to avoid standard, run-of-the mill foods that contain animal products.
For example:

  • I almost ate ranch dressing on my carrot sticks at Kenna’s birthday party.
  • We had cupcakes for Kenna’s birthday party so I had one of those.  The next day I felt incredibly crappy and had diarhhea, so I regret that pretty bad.
  • Apparently most crackers have butter in them or something, who knew.

I was exercising pretty regularly until yesterday.  I try to at least go for a brisk walk when Jonathan leaves in the morning for Cooper’s sake.  One lap is about 15 minutes, and I was doing two laps until this week.  I also try to bike on my resistance machine for about 20-30 minutes; I do more if I have extra energy.


I was losing weight pretty steadily until Monday, and since then I’ve been around 147-148 pounds, depending on how much water I had overnight.  Even still, that’s down about 3 pounds since I started.  That’s some decent progress, and definitely enough motivation to continue.  At this point my goal is no longer to lose weight.  I have no target weight, as pregnancy complicates that just a little bit.
My goal is just to eat healthy, and as much as I need to feel full.  If I lose any weight, that’s great.  I don’t expect to lose anything though, especially once I get into my second trimester.

Pregnancy: 4w3d

I’m exhausted, constantly hungry and constantly peeing.  The worst is the fatigue and diziness though.  There are no words to explain how tired I am you guys!  All I want to do is sleep on the couch all day.  Unfortunately I can’t do that because of… well, this:

She finds something to cry about just as I’m starting to feel good about life, I swear. #momlife

I had taken three tests so far at home, all of which were faintly positive, so naturally I called my doctor Monday.  They said:
When I got there, the nurse said the test was negative.
Then, like any sane pregnant woman (can you use those three words together?) would, I got really stressed out and worried about miscarrying and did the exact opposite thing I should have done:  Googled the shit out of why on earth that would happen.

Of course, as Occam’s razor clearly states, the simplest solution is often the correct solution… I’m pretty sure my doctor just has the crappiest tests this side of eternity.
Needless to say I texted my husband, freaking out.  He was just like: “go get some more tests…”  So I did.  I bought four of the most expensive tests Hannaford had.  Pretty sure the checkout lady thought I was crazy.
I got home and pee’d on the stick and lo-and-behold…

Yep, still pregnant. I’m about 16-17 DPO here, pretty surprised it’s still faint.  With my daughter I had a strong positive at about 10 DPO. *shrug* Maybe it’s a boy?

At this point, I’m waiting a week before I go back to “confirm pregnancy.” If they still get a negative test after I get positive that morning, I’m going to ask for a blood test.  We’ll see what happens. Yay!
How long did you get faint positives with your pregancy?  Let’s do the chit-chat thing!

Until next time,

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