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Vegan Check-in and Happy Birthday!

I was originally going to check-in with you all after about a week or so of this new journey of mine, but after considering the following things, I had to expedite this post:
Sunday morning 08/12/2018, I weighed in at 150.3 pounds.  This is the heaviest I’ve been since I had Kenna about a year ago (I was upwards of 170 near the end of my pregnancy with Kenna, but I don’t count that).

  • This morning, only four full days later of eating plant-based and exercising ~30 minutes a day (mostly walking), I weigh 147.8.

I’ve lost 2.5 pounds since Sunday.
Furthermore, I feel fuller (is that a word?) for longer, and I feel more aware of life going on around me.  I don’t feel like I’m in as much of a haze, dragging my feet through the day.
I’ve had the energy and motivation to work out by riding my bike in the basement.  I’ve had extra energy to do crunches while lying on the floor with Kenna while she climbs all over me.
I feel like a different person!  Yay!

Also… We officially have a one-year old!  Happy birthday to my sweet girl <3

Until next time,


  1. Yes! So happy you’ve joined the Vegan community! Happy to assist any way I can, you may find some helpful things on my site. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been overwhelmed by the peer support within the vegan community, regardless of your reason for switching to a plant based diet! I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well! 😍 Happy eating! 🍎🌱🍠🍆🥔

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