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kenna seven months old with our diaper bag
Seven months old. Went to a wake that day.

It’s another Monday here at our humble abode, and Jonathan just went off to work. Kenna is in a great mood this morning, and all is well with the world.  I wish I could say every day is like this, but it’s not; I’ll take it when I can, though!  In an effort to share parts of my life to help make yours easier, I figured I’d sit down and list what’s in my diaper bag for you all.

First of all, you’ve got to have a bag to put everything in.  I like a backpack style bag; it’s easier to carry while holding a baby, and Jonathan doesn’t feel too silly carrying it.  This is the bag we have, but generally I recommend a large bag – larger than you imagine you would need.  There’s always something extra I manage to stuff in that thing and we never run out of room.
For an inexpensive bag, I love this way more than I thought I would.  We registered for this with our Amazon Baby Registry, and my brother ended up buying it for us.   I absolutely give this bag 10/10.  I’ve had and used it for about a year and I have nothing bad to say about it.  It’s really well made and has a slew of pockets inside and out.

To see all the details about the inside, check out the link.  Amazon has a bunch of pictures.

What I Keep in the Diaper Bag

I do this so that when we go somewhere I only have to grab diapers and whatever extras we need.

  1. A changing pad.  This diaper bag came with one that we use
  2. A change of clothes for Kenna: shirt, pants (shorts in the summer), socks, and a sweater for the fall/winter/spring
  3. A cup for water (we use muchkin 360 cups)
  4. A muslin blanket for use in cleaning up spills or as an actual blanket/ cover up if she’s sleepy
  5. An extra nubby (pacifier) with a clip
  6. A stash of napkins/ tissues
  7. An extra blistex lip balm (my husband I are lip balm nuts)
  8. A small baggie of ibuprofen
  9. My extra cup and some pantiliners (because Aunt Flo always visits unannounced if you catch my drift)
  10. A small wetbag for dirty diapers
  11. A ziplock with about 10 dry cloth wipes (we just use water on our wipes, so this is easy to wet all of them quickly).  I would prefer to use something less wasteful, but I reuse the bag every time so I figure it’s about the same.
  12. A small mason jar of coconut oil – we use this on diaper rashes, which she rarely gets.
  13. My wallet
  14. Our mesh water ring sling (it was only $14 on sale at Amazon so I carry it everywhere just in case I forget the Tula).

What I Add Last Minute

When we go out, I toss diapers into the bag depending on how long we’ll be out.  If we’re just going grocery shopping, I don’t even pack diapers.  Kenna is at the point where she only poops twice a day, and I know when she will.  Our cloth diapers will last her 3-4 hours if they have to, but I like to change her every two hours when we’re at home.  So these are the things I would typically grab to put in the bag if we were going to visit Jonathan’s parents.  Just for reference, we’re usually there 4-5 hours.

  1. Three diaper covers.  She’ll usually poop once around dinner time, so I dedicate one cover to that.  Realistically I could get away with two in the bag and one on the bum, but I like to be over-prepared as far as diapers are concerned.
  2. Six to seven diaper inserts.
    • We just use flour sack towels – yep, the ones in the kitchen towel aisle at Walmart.  They’re THE BEST.  If you cloth and you haven’t tried them, go get yourself a pack.  At about $1 a piece you can’t really go wrong.  If you don’t like them?  Toss them in your kitchen drawer.  They can be used for literally anything.
  3. A second baby carrier, I usually grab one of my DIY Onbuhimos for back carries.
  4. A snack.  I usually pack something like crackers, veggie stix, or fruit like banana and grapes.
  5. My phone (obviously)
  6. A water bottle for Jonathan and myself to share

Y’all… this all actually fits in this bag;  it’s nuts.  The only time I have to bring an extra bag is if we need changes of clothes for everybody or I want to bring multiple baby carriers.
Hands. Down. I recommend this bag; I’ve got nothing bad to say about it.

What do you put in your diaper bag?  What bag do you have?  Let’s chat!

Until next time,

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Neeeed it! I love hearing what other people carry in their diaper bag. Gives me ideas of things I might need.