Happy Monday!  Or maybe not for some of us stay-at-home moms; the man left for work and you have to deal with tantrums on your own!  I’m hoping your days are going better than you had planned.  I wanted to drop a post about my DIY Cloth Diaper Covers that I have made and use on a daily basis.

To see my post about cloth diapers, click here.  Cloth can run you quite a bit of money, and it can be really easy to get lost in the rabbit hole that is PRINTS.   I love prints, and I would definitely be one of those moms that spends oodles of money on diapers if we had the spare change.  We do well as a family with one income, but there’s always something more important budget wise than cute diapers (is there?).

My solution was to DIY them!

After a fair amount of research I found the following two free patterns:

  1. Arfy’s square wing cover – I’ve made 6 of these
  2. DIY best bottoms cover – We have 4 of these

I purchased one yard of gray PUL (water-resistant) fabric for the inside layer ($20); and used cotton fat quarters ($10), which come in a variety of cute prints, for the outside layer.  I purchased KAM snaps ($10) and snap pliers ($20) directly from their website, and decided to stay gray with everything and use gray 100% polyester thread ($6).  I picked up some universal sewing needles ($5), and I was set to go!

Total cost for 10 DIY cloth diaper covers

$71, that’s just over $7 per cover.  The Best Bottoms covers I have go for about $19 per and the Buttons covers I have are $11.50 per cover.  Additionally, I got to pick out what prints I wanted diapers of.  I’ll show you everything I picked out.

So there they are!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.  Leave a link to some diapers you have made!  You can do it, mama!

Until next time,

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