It’s now the middle of July, and it’s about as hot as it’s going to get here in Maine.  It’s not as bad as some other places in this country, but I’ve never lived south of Massachusetts.  It can get into the mid-90s here, and the humidity is always the worst part.  I like to try to avoid running the oven on these days, because it just feels so darned counter-intuitive.

So, tonight, we will be having pancakes! Kenna no longer nurses for nutrition; check out this post for more information.

Baby Friendly Food

I cook from scratch as often as I can, and the most processed things get around here are the occasional (maybe twice a month?) pre-made chicken cordon bleu servings.  We use a lot of canned sauces and other time-saving canned goods, but I make entrees with ingredients like raw meat and produce.  We also like to use packaged rice sides like pilaf.  I reach for whole wheat pasta when possible (we’re picky about our shapes here), and I like to try to offer Kenna and myself more vegetables than carbs these days.  My husband has never been a fan of vegetables, and is a far more picky eater than our almost 1-year old!

Generally speaking, I try to give Kenna the following things for her meals and snacks.  We give her cow’s milk (1% is what we all drink, she gets most of her fat intake from 4+% milk-fat cottage cheese) at meal time, and water for snacks and for drinking throughout the day.  We don’t make a big fuss about what we give her to eat, the only food allergy in her immediate family is bell pepper (very mild), and my father has a shellfish allergy. I made sure we exposed her to shellfish early.


A serving of cottage cheese and a serving or two of fruit.  Sometimes I give her some healthy, basic cereal like cheerios or original rice crispies.

I try to offer fresh fruit when possible, but I also keep canned fruit (canned in 100% fruit juice, not heavy or lite syrup) on hand for quick snacks and when she’s in a generally bad mood.  My baby likes pears, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, tomatoes, mango, applesauce, and mandarin oranges.

Morning Snack

Animal crackers and a vegetable or veggie stix and fruit.
The veggies she likes are squash, zucchini, cucumber, celery, sweet potato, corn, roasted and steamed carrots, broccoli (on a good day), green beans, peas, mushrooms, and we’re trying turnips this week.


Leftovers from the day before: always a protein, a carb, and a veggie.

For carbs, she’ll eat pretty much anything: rice, pasta (whole wheat 75% of the time), animal crackers, graham crackers, bread in general (I make homemade bread which she loves, see the recipe I use in this future post), cereal, potatoes, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, and bagels.

Afternoon Snack

Fruit and cheese.


Protein, carb, veggie, and fruit for dessert.

For proteins, Kenna likes ground chicken, meatballs, bite-sized pieces of chicken (as long as they’re in some kind of sauce).  We haven’t found a whole lot of meat she can actually chew yet, so we also offer her beans and make up the majority of her protein needs with drinking milk, cheddar cheese, and cottage cheese.

What do your kids like to eat for meals?  What do they HATE?  Leave me some tips in the comments, I’m sure there’s something I haven’t thought to try that Kenna might LOVE.

Until next time,

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