I love love love Onbuhimos, especially the Buckle Onbuhimo. If you aren’t familiar with babywearing, an onbuhimo was originally a Japanese baby carrier (mainly back carry, arms out) that has been modified and adapted a little bit, so that it is easier to put on and adjust. I also have a DIY wrap strap onbuhimo, but also wanted to try my hand at a buckle-based one.

Massive shout-out to the ladies in the DIY Babywearing group on Facebook. They helped me immensely through this process. You can check out their website here.

Naturally, with all the hub-ub surrounding Fortnite, I had to make a nod to my husbands favorite game. The name of this print is Alpaca Picnic Alpacas & Cactus Aqua (1 yard). I figured it was as close to llamas as I was going to get in an aqua color, so I sprung for it. I also used some 9.3 oz. Canvas Duck Caribbean Sea (2 yards) for the straps and the inside panel. The buckles and webbing I bought from here, where you can buy single buckles and other plastic hardware.
This carrier cost me about $38 to put together, and I have quite a bit of fabric left over! The free pattern I used can be found here (there’s also a toddler size), and this is the direct link to the .pdf I used.

Photos of the Buckle Onbuhimo

Here are some pictures I took during the process. It was so difficult to get through all those layers + webbing. I didn’t have nearly this much trouble with my wrap strap onbuhimo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“It looks like a professional carrier!” – Jonathan, my husband

So there you have it! I definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a first project as far as carriers go. It was very frustrating and there are some glaring mistakes I made (probably because I was slightly intoxicated for half of it). Regardless, I love it so much.

Any questions? Drop me a line in the comments. What have you made for yourself/ your significant other/ your babies?

Until next time,

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