I am very passionate about this topic; it’s not because I’m crunchy or super organic.  I’m passionate about this topic because I’m a mom. “Momming” is hard, and being a SAHM means you have a lot to get done in short bursts of time, depending on how well (if at all) your baby sleeps during the day.
Baby-wearing saved the cleanliness of our home.  It enabled me to be hands-free while Kenna snoozed close to my skin so that I could get the dishes done, fold laundry, or cook dinner for my husband before he got home from work.
Some babies are content being laid on their stomach/back or sat up with some toys in a play yard, or sat in a swing to snooze.  Kenna was not that baby – on any front.  She hated being on her back, she hated being on her tummy, she hated toys, she hated sitting if I wasn’t sitting with her, she hated the swing, and she certainly hated napping the most.  So instead of going bat-&$*@ crazy, I used a baby carrier.
She’s almost 11 months old now and will play on her own far more than she used to, but she regularly looks to me for reassurance and guidance even in independent play.  She knows where I keep our collection of baby carriers and will crawl over to them, point to me, and do her “happy wiggle” to let me know when she wants some mommy snuggles.  She doesn’t need me to get around anymore, but she still loves to be close to my heart, and that is the most elating emotion I’ve ever felt on this earth.
We own five carriers (I’m currently making a 6th, see here), each is great for it’s own purpose (if you’re interested in a breakdown of the different types in a future post, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll be happy to elaborate for you).
Our first carrier: a cheap, Infantino, narrow seat carrier.  I’m pretty sure current baby-wearing experts will tell you this is bad for babies’ hips, but I got this one before I knew all of that.  So, please, do your own research before you decide what you’re going to buy.  I absolutely hated that carrier, but still used it for several months before stepping into the world of comfort.  The Infantino hurt my back so much.
I’ve tossed in some pictures of the carriers we own at this point, and I can elaborate more in the future if you’d like and do some in depth reviews.

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