mini aussie oona

I’m Still That Mushy Dog Mom I’ve always been a dog person, honestly.  I don’t understand cats; they always seem like they’re trying to takeContinue Reading

book editing

You’ve just finished your life’s work, but you’ve heard that writers should never edit their own work.  What now?  Paying for a book editing serviceContinue Reading

diy almond milk featured photo

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!  I was getting ready to make another batch of my DIY almond milk this evening when I realized I should probably recordContinue Reading

I’m doing a vlog this week, just quickly showing you what I typically buy in a week. Let me know if you like this type of content and I’ll try to do more of it!

Days fly by now like the notes in a song; beautiful but fleeting and precious. It’s an endless struggle each day to not take one for granted.